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Intellectual Property


When it comes to intellectual property, protecting your brand is not only a great asset, it is essential for every business. Your brand is how your market identifies your company from the competition. Every business has a trademark and every business should protect it with a trademark registration. You can learn more about Trademarks here.

Before filing for registration, a lot of legal work is performed to ensure that your trademark will have a high likelihood of registration. It is not in your best interest to wait until you are “successful” to protect your brand. There are a lot of risks, one being that the trademark you chose may not be eligible for registration, or worse infringes on an already existing mark. To learn more about how to choose a strong Trademark name, visit here.

Intellectual Property Services Provided by The Benkabbou Law Firm:

  • Comprehensive Search* with Legal Memo
  • Knock-Out Search**
  • Trademark filing with USPTO
  • Responses to USPTO Letters
  • Revival of Abandoned Applications
  • International Trademark Filing
  • Cease and Desist Defense
  • Cease and Desist to protect your Trademark
  • Trademark License Agreements
  • Trademark Assignment Agreements
  • Trademark Monitoring of Registered Marks

*Comprehensive Search includes a trademark search in the USPTO database, common law search in all 50 states, social media search and variations of the trademark, not just a same name search.

**Knock-Out Search is a simple search to see if an exact trademark exists in the USPTO database as well as whether it is used in commerce. (This is not enough to determine if the mark will have a strong likelihood of being registered).


It is important that every entrepreneur protects their rights in copyright. What qualifies for protection and when that right attaches is really important to understand. Any little mistake can cost you your entire ownership rights. Learn more about Copyrights and the common mistakes made here.

Copyright Services Provided by The Benkabbou Law Firm:

  • Copyright Registration
  • Cease and Desist Defense
  • Cease and Desist to protect your Copyright
  • Work For Hire Agreements
  • Copyright Assignment Agreements
  • Copyright License Agreements

Trade Secrets

If you have unique processes and methods that qualify as proprietary information, it may be in your best interest to maintain their privacy and to protect your ideas with a trade secret.

Schedule a consultation to ensure your Intellectual Property is properly protected here.

Salma Benkabbou, Esq, a Tampa based Intellectual Property Attorney, is licensed to practice law in Florida since 2014, and in North Carolina and New Jersey since 2013. She can file Copyrights and Trademarks Nationwide.