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Business Law

Top 5 Legal Issues You Should Consider with Social Media Marketing

Today, most companies use social media marketing as a part of their marketing efforts to establish an online presence and disseminate information about their products and services. However, not all businesses realize that, in most situations, social media marketing activities should be compliant with federal regulations.

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Misclassifying Independent Contractors
Business Law

Simple Dangers of Misclassifying Independent Contractors and Employees in Florida that You May Be Missing

There is nothing wrong with an employer hiring someone as an independent contractor to do work. However, an employer cannot expect certain things of an independent contractor. The independent contractor gets to work on his or her own time. An employee is expected to work a set number of hours each day, starting at a certain time and finishing at a certain time on a routine basis.

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Intellectual Property

3 Important Reasons You May Receive a Trademark Refusal

Unfortunately, many people who apply for trademarks are not successful. Have you received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that the office has refused your trademark registration application? Or, are you hoping to apply for a trademark without the help of a lawyer?

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Intellectual Property

Is the Value of Your Business’s Trademark(s) Increasing or Decreasing During these Times?

The murder of George Floyd and the consequential social injustice civil unrest that followed have caused many businesses to evaluate whether or not they will speak up during these tumultuous times. In this post, we dive into how the value of your company’s trademark(s) can be devalued during these times and the importance of speaking up against social injustices that plague our communities.

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