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Breaking a Contract because of COVID19 | Tampa Business Lawyer | The Benkabbou Law Firm
Business Law

Breaking Contracts Because of COVID-19

The wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has brought about a lot of uncertainty – even regarding the validity of contracts. Can you break a contract if you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus?

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Tampa Business Lawyer | The Benkabbou Law Firm
Business Law

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use a Free Contract Template

Even though many think that using a contract template is the best way to draft a contract, it can lead to serious legal problems. Thousands of parties enter into contracts that have been drafted using a template in lieu of a contract that has been drafted by an attorney.

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Hear from our Tampa Intellectual Property attorneys on the most important insights for protecting your company’s valuable property.

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Intellectual Property

Is the Value of Your Business’s Trademark(s) Increasing or Decreasing During these Times?

The murder of George Floyd and the consequential social injustice civil unrest that followed have caused many businesses to evaluate whether or not they will speak up during these tumultuous times. In this post, we dive into how the value of your company’s trademark(s) can be devalued during these times and the importance of speaking up against social injustices that plague our communities.

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Our Tampa Immigration lawyers help you navigate the ups and downs of immigration law through articles and resources relevant to Immigration policies and updates in the Tampa Bay Area.

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The Important Differences Between L-Visas and E-2 Visas

Understanding the differences between E2 and L-1 visas will help you decide which visa is your best option. The key difference between the two visas is that the E-2 visa is intended for use by foreign investors, not employees seeking to immigrate.

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