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LLC or S-Corp | The Benkabbou Law Firm
Business Law

LLC or S-Corp?

Deciding whether to form an LLC or a Corporation that qualifies for S-Corp tax designation can be very confusing

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Hear from our Tampa Intellectual Property attorneys on the most important insights for protecting your company’s valuable property.

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Intellectual Property

How Can I Protect My Brand?

Trademarks are not just limited to names and logos. They can also include slogans, colors, smells, sounds, product packaging or any identifying feature of a brand that would help a consumer identify it in commerce.

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Intellectual Property

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are essential because they allow consumers to identify a particular company’s product or services very quickly.

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Our Tampa Immigration lawyers help you navigate the ups and downs of immigration law through articles and resources relevant to Immigration policies and updates in the Tampa Bay Area.