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Intellectual Property Workshop– Our lead Tampa Intellectual Property Attorney, Salma Benkabbou, is the subject matter expert for Operation Start-up on Intellectual Property. Every month she volunteers her time and expertise to help local Tampa entrepreneurs learn about Intellectual Property rights and how to protect them. Feel free to sign-up and attend other FREE business workshops with Operation Startup as well. You will not regret it!!


Salma Benkabbou truly believes in the power of education and prides herself on implementing educational tools with her practice. Salma has realized that her seasoned entrepreneurs were always well aware of the dangers of putting off legal matters until something went wrong. The seasoned entrepreneurs learned the hard and expensive way just how lethal legal mistakes can be. So, she has created easy to read E-Books that bridge the gap between the new entrepreneurs and the seasoned entrepreneurs so that it’s a fair playing field. Most legal rookie mistakes can be avoided if the entrepreneur takes the time to educate themselves before they start their business. If a business owner waits until they are sued, it is often times too late.

If you are looking for resources to learn more about business formation, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc. Salma has managed to translate the legalese into easy to read content that will allow you to plan the legal matters from a business perspective. The content includes what every entrepreneur needs to know about these legal aspects of starting and running a business. The law can either work to protect your business or to shut down your business, the choice depends on whether you will choose to be proactive as opposed to being reactive.

Trademark Basics (FREE)!!

Trademark Worksheet. 

This Trademark Worksheet will help you understand some basic fundamentals that all entrepreneurs need to know. It will help you identify your Trademarks (here’s a hint, they are more than just names and logos). It will also help you understand the Trademark Registration process which does not start with filing the application (you missed a step if you went straight to the application!).

Business Formation E-Book.

This E-book is the entrepreneur’s guide to basic business formation information. You will learn the differences between the most common small business structures. You will gain insight on the main factors to consider when making the decision on the type of business entity for your business. Even if you have registered your business, if you have not done it under the advice of a business attorney, you probably skipped a few steps, especially if all you did was register the business!

Understanding the fundaments of business formation is monumental in setting up your business properly.

Some Highlights Include:

  • The differences between an LLC and an S-Corp.
  • Dangers of general partnerships.
  • How to choose a name for your business.
  • The tax implications of an LLC and a Corporation.
  • What a D/B/A means and what it implies from a legal perspective.
  • The real meaning of a sole proprietor.
  • What to do after your register your business.
  • and so much more…

Intellectual Property E-Book.

Understnading the fundamental differences of intellectual property and how they can work to protect your business is monumental in scaling your business and ensuring no one else is profiting off of your hard work and Creative Greatness™. You will gain a competitive edge in your market by utilizing this information to properly plan for your intellectual property protection.

Some highlights include:

  • How to choose a strong name for your Trademark.
  • How to avoid losing ownership of your copyright work before even filing for registration!
  • How Trade Secrets can work to help you maintain a competitve edge in your market forever.
  • Information on how to avoid a bar to a patent registration for your invention. This rookie mistake could mean losing your entire business!
  • and so much more