Whether you must begin the process in the United States or at a foreign embassy, our professional team can help

Florida is home to a large population of immigrants. Some Floridians come from other states, and some are even from other countries. Many of the residents have only been in Florida for a few years, and most came here for business purposes. When we arrive, and when the temporary stays we planned become permanent, we all need legal help settling in. That is where an experienced Tampa immigration lawyer can be a huge help.

At the
Benkabbou Law Firm, we are dedicated to families just like yours. So, we offer a full range of immigration services. Especially in the post-9/11 world, entering this country from a foreign land is never a straightforward process. Status adjustments are not easy to achieve, either. Along the way, some immigrants face removal proceedings and other adverse actions. Regardless of the situation, our professional team is ready to help.

Initial Determinations in Hillsborough County

For the most part, U.S. laws encourage individuals and families to come to America for various reasons. Nevertheless, the process is not always immigrant-friendly. Without a strong and experienced advocate, it is difficult to obtain the assistance you need. So, we routinely help families with things like:

  • Family Visas: Spouses, parents, children, or siblings who are citizens or lawful permanent residents may obtain an F-series or IR-series visa. A sought-after family visa enables people to both live and work in the United States.
  • Work Permit: Many times, people obtain employment authorization documents to stay in the United States for temporary periods, such as an extended business trip, or while waiting for immigration-related events, such as an asylum claim.
  • Employment Visa: This document is broader and more permanent than a work permit. If the immigrant has a U.S. business sponsor, the immigrant may come to the U.S. and work on a long-term basis with little official supervision.
  • Permanent Residence: Both incoming immigrants and long-term residents often seek green cards. This level of entry is not quite like citizenship, but it is pretty close.

Whether you must begin the process in the United States or at a foreign embassy, our professional team can help. We are also well-positioned to assist with the nuts and bolts of visas and immigration, such as medical exams and security screening measures.

Status Adjustments

As mentioned, when many immigrants come to America, they plan to stay for a short while to work or go to school, then they plan to go home, but these plans often change.

The green card status upgrade is one of the most common requests we handle at the Benkabbou Law Firm. Generally, it is easier to obtain a green card after one already has a visa and has been living in the United States for at least a year. Green cards are usually valid for a decade and they are not as vulnerable to adverse action.

Becoming a citizen is the ultimate goal for many immigrants, and our professional team can make that dream a reality. We not only file paperwork in a way that minimizes red flags, but we also offer practical assistance with interview techniques and with the citizenship test.

Adverse Proceedings

Shortly after 9/11, lawmakers divided the old Immigration and Naturalization Services bureau into two entities. The USCIS, which is the “good cop” of immigration law. And ICE, which is the “bad cop.” As a result, authorities are more aggressive than ever when it comes to prosecuting immigration violations.

A technicality like an expired visa,may trigger ICE adverse action. In other situations, a person is convicted of an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude. Most deportation and removal proceedings involve alleged criminal conduct. Fortunately, several recent United State Supreme Court cases, such as 2018’s Sessions v. Dimaya, have substantially expanded immigrant rights.

Contact an Assertive Lawyer

A strong immigration advocate gives your personal American dream a positive start. For a confidential consultation with an experienced immigration attorneys in Tampa, contact the Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC. After-hours appointments are available.

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